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When you wish to sell a Rolex in Jacksonville Florida, Premier Jewelers offers competitive pricing and immediate payment when you decide to sell your luxury watch. The Premier Jewelers experience is safe, informative and wants to make selling your watches as profitable as possible. We go the extra mile to determine whether your Rolex or any jewelry, gold, diamonds, silver, and other valuables for that matter might be worth more than the melt value. Many jewelry stores are just looking for the quick transaction. We know your treasures have value to you, and we want to make sure we do our homework and educate our customers as much as possible. We love Jacksonville Rolex Buyers!

What’s my watch worth to a Watch Buyer in Jacksonville Florida

Maybe you just were wondering what your fine watch was worth. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a luxury watch like Rolex or Cartier or any of these high-end timepieces, the decision has nothing to do with your new Rolex tells time. What makes a luxury watch desirable to some experts are the number of complications it packs into a slender case. Mechanical functions of the watch are considered Complications. Essentially things like phases of the moon, or a stop watch, or some other collection of functions beyond hours, minutes and seconds. Sotheby’s sold a luxury watch with 24 complications for $11 million… almost 20 years ago.

Rolex Watcher Wearers Look Good. Rolex Watch Wearers feel good.

Other Luxury watch buyers are looking for a great accessory to go along with their look, an heirloom to pass down, or maybe to connect to parent or grandparent that used to wear Rolex. Maybe like James Bond, you need it to go along with an Aston Martin. Perhaps like James Bond, you know that it could be used as a $5,000 defense mechanism if you should ever be so unfortunate to need to escape a dust-up in a Monte Carlo Casino. Shaken, not stirred.

Sell a Rolex in Jacksonville Florida

When you buy or sell a Rolex in Jacksonville Florida, you’ll know a talented craftsmen did the seemingly impossible with gold, diamonds, springs, gears, and tiny tools. At the top of the watch chain, jeweler pun intended, a Breguet or Patek Philippe can easily surpass most Americans’ annual salary. Things to consider when looking for a vintage watch are:

  1. Age of the Luxury Watch
  2. Quality or Wristwatch
  3. Condition is always crucial
  4. Appearance of the Watch
  5. Materials used in the Watches’ Construction
  6. Features and Complications of the watch
  7. Rarity is always a market factor for watches
  8. A good eye test means it’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  9. If the watch is “On Trend” it is beautiful in the eyes of others as well.

Rolex Name, Rank and Serial number Please.

Just like you would sell a car, you would need to know the year, model, engine size and type, whether it’s an automatic, manual, or tiptronic transmission. The same rings true for vintage watches. In order to accurately determine value you’ll need as much information as possible about the model, grade, age, size, quality and unique features of your watch. Request a free quote today. It doesn’t matter what a website, collector or watch expert tells your watch is worth. Your watch is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it. Until you get cash in hand, it’s all just conjecture.

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For a limited time, Premier Jewelers of Jacksonville is offering Buy one get one free watch batteries on Wednesdays in the month of March 2019. #WatchBatteryWednesdays is what our staff calls it. Check with the store to see if the Buy one gets one watch battery replacement special is still going on. Let Fully licensed and insured Premier Jewelers Jacksonville offer a free estimate on your Rolex and let’s find out what you’ve got! Unless you have a willing buyer, anyone’s opinion, including Premier Jewelers, is just that… an opinion!

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