Is Neon The Right Color For Your Wedding

Selecting a color palette for your wedding can be difficult, especially if you are going against the “norm”. This is your wedding and it is about celebrating the new life that both of you are going to start together. So, if that means being bold and breaking old traditions, or even if it’s just your favorite color, then Neon is definitely the right choice.

There are many ways to add neon to your color scheme, without negatively impacting it. This is done by pairing neon colors with neutral shades. You can pair it with white, black, clear, tan, or brown. These neutral shades will balance out the energetic neon in small doses which will elevate and electrify your event’s aesthetic. In other words, it won’t be a throw up of colors, it will be balanced and visually pleasing.

Using neon colors for your wedding is freeing, but there needs to be some sort of order for your colors to blend nicely and it all starts with the announcement. One idea is gradually adding neon colors throughout the process so your guests are aware that they are in for a treat! When you send out save the date cards and wedding invitations, you can add a bit of neon confetti. You can then pair that with neutral color on your wedding programs and wedding menu cards, then add a neon colored paper as the backdrop, which will make your stationery really pop! When you send out announcements of who your bridesmaids, or groomsman are going to be you can find exciting ways to add neon and share the fantastic news.

As for the overall design of your event adding neon colors here and there on a blank canvas will create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, it will also help your guests to feel welcome. When you set up the tables for your guest to sit, you can think about having a neutral colored tablecloth or if the table is wood then you can leave it as is and then add a neon colored table runner. You can have neon colored flowers, in a neutral vase. The cake can have a neutral base with neon colored decorations or accents and while you’re at it you can order customized neon signs that say “the bar is over here”, or a ceremony backdrop that has the couples initials. Neon signs will also add a nice touch for a backdrop in a photo.

There are many different ways to have neon added to your color palette. It will brighten up the venue, and create a fun, energetic environment. Being different is good, so if a neon wedding is what you want then do it. On the plus side, people will remember how fun your wedding was, and it will be legendary. Having a classic black and white wedding might not be for you, so don’t let the strong and vibrant neon colors scare you away from having the best wedding ever.