How to Properly Care For Your Jewelry

Have you bought more expensive jewelry and would you like it to last you as long as new? There are a few basic rules for taking care of your jewelry and what to do with your jewelry and not to do so, so that it remains as beautiful as when you first saw it in a jewelry store.

Put Away Your Jewelry During Sports And Physical Work

During rough work (for example, working in the garden or cleaning), your jewelry could be scratched or otherwise damaged. Similarly, the jewel may be damaged or soiled during cooking, where various impurities may settle, especially in the small grooves of the rings. When playing jewelry, your sweat can change, which accelerates the oxidation of the metal surface. If you wear a ring with a larger stone, the crown with drips could come loose on impact or mechanical pressure and you risk losing the gem. Under pressure, the metal ring of the ring can also deform, the chain or bracelet can become caught and torn. When swimming in the pool, the chlorine contained in the water acts on the jewel. In all these activities, therefore, it is better to put your jewel aside.

Tip: If you wear a ring with a larger stone, you should not take it to places where there is a higher concentration of people (for example, a concert). The stone could come loose under pressure and you will have a hard time finding it in the crowd. The Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings are there perfectly here.

Beware Of Household Cleaners, Cosmetics And Other Chemicals

Although it may not seem so at first glance, some gemstones are relatively soft and are prone to scratching or burns. Gold used in jewelry is actually an alloy of pure gold and other metals. Detergents accelerate the oxidation of the jewelry surface, the higher the content of pure gold, the more resistant the jewelry is to chemical influences, but for a change it is softer, so there is a risk of scratching with coarse cleaning sand. Various cosmetics are a danger for jewelry, because even they are not 100% natural. These are mainly body sprays, perfumes, soaps, creams, hair sprays, just about everything you beautify. All of these substances can accelerate the aging of your jewelry; some can even completely degrade it.

Tip: After applying body cosmetics wait at least 10 minutes and then put your jewelry back on. When using perfumes or hair sprays, a shorter interval is enough.

Do Not Expose Your Gems To Sudden Changes In Temperature

Many types of precious stones are sensitive to temperature changes. It can be a sudden change in temperature, or just too high a temperature (direct sunlight, hot water). There is a risk of discoloration of the gemstone or even cracking.

Especially those of you who own emerald jewelry should be sharpened. Not only should this gemstone not come into contact with hot water (don’t forget to put your Affordable Moissanite Rings away in time when washing dishes!), But it is also not advisable to wear it every day. It is a sensitive and delicate gemstone that requires more casual wear. Improper care could easily damage it.

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Wash Your Jewelry Once In A While

A soft cloth is enough to remove small dirt. If the piece of jewelry is faded, you can prepare a bath of dishwashing liquid and warm water. You can then use a very fine toothbrush to clean the deposits in the folds of the jewelry. After the bath, rinse the jewelry with cold water, dry and wipe with a soft cloth.

Tip: Never clean jewelry with toothpaste or chemicals that are not specifically designed for this purpose. Rubber or latex gloves deprive the piece of jewelry.

Have A Lot Of Worn Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

They will give the best care to your jewelry in a jewelry store, where they are properly equipped to clean jewelry. Professional laser or ultrasonic cleaning removes all dirt and deposits on your jewelry. Above all, it is better to leave the cleaning of gemstone and pearl jewelry to an expert, or at least consult with him. Some jewelry has a layer of rhodium on it, white gold jewelry would not have such a beautiful metallic shiny color without it. The rhodium layer wears out over time, but you can have the jewelry rhodium-plated again and it will shine like new again. The same is true for silver, where the rhodium layer protects the metal from oxidation and blackening.

Tip: Choose stores which offer you free lifetime cleaning for every piece of jewelry you buy from us.

Store Jewelry In A Safe Place

Whether you store your jewelry only for the night or for a longer period of time, you need to have a place ready for them where they will be separated from each other. It can be the original box in which you bought the jewelry. If you own more jewelry, it is good to buy a jewelry box lined with soft material with a sufficient number of compartments. Jewelry should not touch each other, they should be in a dry and unlit place (moisture or direct sunlight does not indicate them). Recently, you prefer to use popular jewelry stands only for costume jewelry. Even a diamond can be scratched, in turn by another diamond, so do not consider your diamond jewelry indestructible and pay sufficient attention to all jewelry. If you store jewelry away from home during the day, be sure not to put it in your coin purse, as contact with another metal could damage it. It is best to have small plastic bags in your handbag ready for such cases, in which you can hide the jewelry. Or you can carefully wrap them in a tissue.

Tip: After removing, wipe each piece of jewelry with a clean soft cloth to remove grease and sweat.

Council in conclusion

Jewelry is primarily intended to beautify us. Especially when it comes to more expensive pieces decorated with precious stones, they are not accessories suitable for everyday wear, but we recommend using them only for special occasions. For those pieces of jewelry that you wear every day (engagement or wedding ring, watch, etc.), it is best to put them on as the last thing before leaving the house and put them away as soon as you return. This advice mainly concerns the rings, chains and bracelets that are most susceptible to damage. If you wear earrings, it is advisable to put them away at least for the night and also when washing your hair.