How to Get a Straight Hair at the Comfort of Your Home

If you are most people who are constantly looking for ways to upgrade your look, there is a big chance that your go-to move is to straighten your frizzy and curly hair. You can go from Miss Curly and Frizzy to straight, silky smooth mane in no time. Most people with curly mane love their locks but having the ability to transform how they look is fun once in a while. Not only that, but a drastic change in locks also tends to freak a lot of people out. Over the years, people have gotten a lot better at straightening their hair, but there is a steep learning curve, especially for women with tight curly locks.

They would leave their houses with perfect looking straight mane, and once they step outside their houses, it will poof into something like it was from a horror movie – a frizzy horror movie. To help people with curly locks, listed below are some tips on how to get straight hair in the comfort of their homes.

Start with a completely dry hair

Most people will never forget their look during childhood when they experience problems like straightening their locks when it is still wet. Always get the mane completely dry before doing some straightening procedure. There are various ways to go about this, and it depends on the person’s mane type.

If a person has curly locks, they can blow-dry their crowning glory first before doing anything to it. It is something experts always do, but it is not necessary. People with tight curls need to do more than one pass of the straightener. Instead of damaging the follicle repeatedly by using a straightener for more than one pass, untangle the mane and take-out kinks using a blow dryer first.

Visit this site for more details about how follicles are damaged.

Use a concentrator attachment and a brush to get the locks super straight before using the flat iron. This process is less time-consuming than people might think, and it will save people time, money, and energy in the long run. Invest in a quality blow-dryer with concentrator attachments.

Paired with a paddle or round brush, it can make a good combination. Lift the hair section from the underside using a brush and apply heat from the top, sandwiching the mane between the blow-dryer and the brush. Move down the length of the hair carefully and slowly in the brush bristles to remove the kinks.

Repeat this move more a couple of minutes to remove the curl and frizz from your locks before starting the straightening process. If the person has a slightly wavy or straight mane, let it air-dry instead of using a blow-dryer. It is a different story for women with naturally straight locks.

Experts always air-dry the hair, so they are not using additional heat without valid reasons. If people have naturally straight hair or maybe a slight wave, there is no reason for them to add more heat, they could wash the night before, or if they have enough time, they can always air-dry.


Stay away from any oil-based thermal protectors at all cost

If straightening your locks, a part of your routine, you have to stay away from any oil-based thermal protectants. You can always use thermal protectors, but make sure to avoid oil-based ones. The long-term effect of using this product is damaging the follicles, even though it makes the locks more beautiful. Using products with less oil and having the same thermal protectants is an excellent option for women who regularly use straighteners. Try using anti-breakage thermal protectant products to reduce heat damage.

Use hairspray before undergoing a straightening process

Hairsprays are not just used as a post-styling product. Using a little amount of hairspray on your dry mane before starting the straightening process, keep it straight for a longer period, but according to experts, your need to keep it light. This product keeps the frizz away and helps people keep their straight follicles for a longer period.

If you are using too much spray, it can weigh down the mane and make it feel a little bit crispy after ironing it. Using this product is an excellent tip for women with wavy or curly locks. It will help fight their curls or wave from coming back during humid weather seasons, and it can also keep the follicles totally straight for a couple of days.

People with wispy hair sticking up their head after the straightening process, use sprays and try this fun tip. Another fun trip for the home straightening process is to use aerosol sprays and a couple of panty hoses. Spray the mane, stretch the pantyhose, and press them on areas to lay those down.

Use fine-tooth combs instead of brushes when straightening

For experts like Sandra Brownie, it is their go-to trick to get their hair straight and sleek. After untangling most of the kinks using a blow dryer, always use a fine-tooth comb to lead the process. Start by attaching it to a section of the locks and follow with a flat iron to make sure you get each piece of mane straight. In this process, you do not have to damage your crowning glory by running a couple of flat iron runs over each section.


Make sure to be consistent

Like most things, a consistent technique when doing this process will provide you the best and lasting result. Always straighten the locks from root to tip. Do not straighten just the tips or from the middle to end. You will end up having a different texture over your head.

Make sure to be consistent with the process. Once the person has found the perfect technique for their lock types, they need to stick with it. Use the same movement throughout the entire process to get the optimal results each time they do it.

When the mane is strong and healthy, it can hold up to heat better, providing you with a longer lasting and better blowout. People will have to do their hair a little less, resulting in minimal damage and better overall health for better blowouts.