Holiday gift ideas for everyone in the family – The season for exchanging gifts is here!

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Whenever it’s December, we conjure up thoughts of Christmas, exchanging gifts and ushering the New Year. Santa Claus gets a little bit intimidated about the list of gifts that he needs to put on this list and he spends a rather tough time sorting out all that is nice and naughty thereby balancing his budget according to his needs. In our families, we all have a secret Santa who buys gifts for all without letting anyone know about it. Regardless of what the family budget is, there are several things to buy from. 

Do you want to make this year special? If you wish to buy the best gifts for all which can satisfy the family members, you have to go through the list given below to get the best ideas on holiday gifts. Check them out. 


  • Taligater Tire Table: This is a tool which can be attached to the tire of your car and there are no tools needed at all. This is ideal for tailgating, camping and for picnics. 
  • Tapplock fingerprint: The smart padlock is designed in such a manner that it can be unlocked with fingerprints or remotely with the help of the app. You get this at $99.
  • Square Off chess set:  This chess set uses AI or Artificial Intelligence to offer you endless fun with chess. So what if you don’t have any opponent? You can still play the game and the pieces will move on their own. 


  • Dry baby clothing: Dry baby clothing is made of chemical-free cotton which is liquid repelling and it is extremely soft. This material has been approved and created by a scientist from NASA. Colicky babies can also remain dry and odor-free when they’re worn these baby bodysuits. 
  • Diaper bags: When you’re buying a gift for a new mom who has recently given birth to a baby, you can choose from nappy bags Australia. Nappy bags are extremely useful for a traveling mom as they can carry several useful things which a baby might need while traveling. 
  • Squishmallows: Squishmallows are soft and sweet toys which can be hugged by the kids. You get to find them in different forms especially in the form of animals. They range from $5 to %40 varying according to the size. 


  • Sweatopause: This is a cooling scarf or it can even be used as a headband which makes you cool down as soon as you start sweating. You get these bands for $30. 
  • SleepPhones: This is a rechargeable and wireless bluetooth headband which is designed in such a manner that high quality sound meets high tech and this meets your pillow. You get these at $150. 
  • Jewelry: How about buying handcrafted, ethically sourced jewelry which are packed beautifully? Once you buy these, you don’t even have to wrap them. They start at $38.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking forward to buying gifts for all your family members, you can choose any of the above mentioned gift ideas.