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Celebs are all about name necklaces and custom jewelry. So it’s no surprise that one of the hottest trends is name necklaces. But what are style leaders wearing? How can I know which name necklace is the best choice for me? If you’ve only got 3 name necklaces you can choose from in the world, these are the ones we recommend:

  1. Carrie name necklace. It’s the classic script name that looks so beautiful and was first made famous in the 1990’s series Sex in the City. It’s no wonder with the resurgence of 1990’s fashion that this style is making a huge comeback. If you want a bit more flair, the Carrie style also comes with a swoosh, hearts, and you can even get one with hearts to dot the “I” in your name.

  1. Bar name necklace. Whether it’s your first bar necklace or your 10th, a bar necklace is the new must-have for any women looking to stay in fashion. Celebrities, actresses, models and other trendsetters love this simple and elegant look. One reason why bar name necklaces are so big in 2019 is because of the necklace layering trend. Bar necklaces tend to snag less easily than other styles.

  1. Name necklaces for men. More guys are discovering the joy of wearing your own name on a necklace. Which is probably why a huge trend for 2019 is that more men will be wearing name necklaces and personalized jewelry. From monograms to basketball name necklaces, men are choosing custom jewelry.

If you’re a fan of fashion, it’s not hard to see name necklaces all over the place! These adorable customized jewelry pieces are a fashion staple as well as a 1990’s throwback. When choosing a name necklace in 2019, the most important thing is not fashion, but how it makes you feel. Consider your other jewelry as you purchase. For example, if you like layering and most of your jewelry is gold, obviously get a gold name necklace. If you have only silver jewelry, get a matching name necklace. If you already have a Carrie necklace, try a new design like a bar or maybe even a vertical name necklace.

With a bit of thought and planning, you can choose a name necklace that reflects not only your name, but your personal style.