Grab the viewer’s attention with a new combination

Try out a new look by adding different combinations of the wheel color. Well, many people have no clue that what does the color wheel mean. The color wheel: It is also known as the foundation of all the color combinations. If you understand what exactly the color wheel is and how does it works, then you can easily explore a variety of styles and the style concepts properly. Warm and cool are the two types of colors that make the wheel color different from one another. Let us discuss this in detail:

What combinations can you try?

The first color is warm and vibrant, whereas the other one is calm and cold. With the help of the wheel color, you can create various new combinations that will match with one other properly. Always remember, that experience plays a very significant role in mastering the color. The suit, shirt, and tie combo should always go with one another.

  1. One-color shades scheme: In this color scheme, the suit combination would be of the same colors that mean the suit, shirt, and tie combo would consist of only one color. If you are new in wearing suits, then this scheme would perfectly match with your criteria as it is the easiest scheme.

Matching the darker variants of one color with the lighter tones can give you a perfect color combination. To understand this you can take an example of a navy suit, soft blue shirt, and a blue tie.

  1. Navy suit & White shirt color combo: White always goes well with the navy and it is proved. Navy suit and white shirt makes the most perfect combination always. But do you know which color tie would go well with this perfect combination? You can use a solid color tie for the best results. Colors like orange, red, or violet can give you the best results if you pair up your white shirt and navy colored suit with them.

A dark color foulard tie would also be a perfect selection if you are looking for the best results. If you want then you can also select a skinny tie that would give you a modern look.

  1. Combo of Navy suit & Pink shirt: Pink color automatically attracts the attention of people. And with a pink shirt, the navy suit always looks elegant. If you want to grab people’s attention, then matching a pink shirt, a navy suit with the red tie would help you to give an authoritative type of look. You can also try some change by applying purple or a silver tie with the pink shirt and navy suit. You can try striped or foulard ties generally for the suit and shirt color combination.
  1. Combo of navy suit & blue shirt: When you make a match of a navy suit and light blue shirt, you get to relate with celebs. This color combination creates an eye-catchy appearance if you wear a tie that would go best with it. A perfect tie will add a smooth look to your appearance. You can go with foulard or striped ties for the best results. You can try this combination not only on the formal events but also during the casual events. Wearing this combination, you can create a strong impression in the mind of viewers as this combination would give you a smart and sharp look.