Fashion Rules That You Can Break

The fashion world is full of rules about what can and can not be used to allow people to ride and wear looks that look good. However, there are several fashion rules that you can break and stay even more elegant.ZAFUL

Want to find out what fashion rules you can break? So keep an eye on that article!

Do not mix prints

Stripes with spots? Animal print with floral? Yes is yes. Mixing prints is the fastest way to achieve this maximalistic visual we know.

Do not mix metals

Have you been told not to combine a gold necklace with a silver chain? Is not true. This is one of the fashion rules that you can break. Metal combinations like rose gold with silver, or yellow gold with copper, is a great way to give some dimension to your jewelry set.

Do not wear leather in summer

Have you spent so much money on your favorite leather jacket and can not even use two seasons in the year? This is ridiculous. Another of the fashion rules that you can break. Treat your leather jacket like a cardigan, using it in plain summer dresses or t-shirts and shorts.

Short women should not wear long skirts

Yes. Many maxi skirts and dresses will be very long models for those who may be lower than other people. But sewing the piece (or, depending on the material, carrying scissors for you) will make it the perfect length for you no matter what your height. more

Velvet should be worn with casual looks

Say to me: velvets. Com. Nightwear. Velvet at night is an option, thanks to some of our favorite designers, who work on decorations and details.


Leggings are only for the gym

Remember when that was a rule? If you’re still embarrassed to wear your favorite leggings at the office, try using different legging models.

Do not use white after in a day’s work

You do not have to pack all your white clothes after certain events and say goodbye until next summer. Going from head to toe in a white winter look is one of the most modern ways to refresh your look when you’re bored with your winter wardrobe.

Sequins are for special occasions only

“THANK YOU,” is what we would say to fashion savvy people who have boldly shown us that, yes, the sequins are fully suited to everyday use. One more to the list of fashion rules that you can break.

Do not mix black and blue

There is only one real rule when it comes to matching colors: Neutrals always look great together. Besides, one of the rules of fashion you can break is this. Blue and black, brown and black, anything darker: you’re safe.

Do not show your bra

Do you remember how long you used to try to hide your show bra straps when you wore a top 8th grade summer? It was terrible. And now, are we saying to show this with pride?

Complete parts have become differentials in our wardrobe. Feeling shy? Put on a lightly translucent black shirt with a black sports bra for a look to look away from your face to your body.

Fair clothes are inappropriate if you are a plus size person

There is this myth that if you are over a size 48, you should wear large, fluttering clothing. But, truth be told, this tends to make you look bigger. One of the fashion rules that you can break beautifully is this. In addition, you lose the ability to experience some of the best trends. Wearing clothes that are quite tight is key to making you feel wonderful.