Enhance Your Look with These Traditional Maharashtrian Jewelleries

Aamchi Mumbai offers many things. You get fashion, glamour, Bollywood, bhelpuri, local trains and beaches, Gateway of India, and many more. However, what you cannot miss out on is the Maharashtrian traditional jewellery that women of Mumbai and in rest of Maharashtra wear.

By now, you might also have an idea of how these ornamentslook through numerous Bollywood movies. Note that these jewellery pieces are different from ones worn by women in other states.

So, here are these elegant ornamental pieces you will love. Wear them to carry a typical Maharashtrian look and garner praises through enhanced appeal.

A List of Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery for You:


A woman of Maharashtra wears a nath or the nose ring on some special occasions like a puja or a wedding. A typical Maharashtrian nathconsists of thin golden wires andpearlsfixed with a pink or white stone in the middle. One of its kinds, the Bramhaninathhas a unique design withBasra pearl and emerald.


It is a neckpiece in choker style with intricate weaves of golden beads. The Doriat the back of this neckpiece is adjustable to suit your neckline. A thushi goes perfectly with the bridal paithani saree worn in Marathi tradition.

Mohan mala

A Mohan mala is another type of neckpiece that Marathi women wear typically. It is a long necklace with many layers of golden beads. The maximum layer can go uptoeight times. Women love flaunting this ornament in traditional and social gatherings.

Lakshmi haar

Also known as a temple necklace, this jewellery consists of gold coins. The coins are woven together with a gold pendant in the middle. The coins carry a carving of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Hence, women wear this Maharashtrian traditional jewellery as a symbol of prosperity.

Kolhapuri saaj

It is a pious thread for Marathi women just like the Mangalsutra. It is made of unique golden beads or javmaniwoven with 21 pendants in the shape of leaves. The necklace is a symbol of avatars of Lord Vishnu and good luck. Hence, women wear them only while carrying out a religious puja or other traditional ceremonies.


Ambada is a unique style of tying hair for Marathi women. They make the hair into a bun and fix it with an ambada or a particular type of golden hairpin.


As the name suggests, it is a traditional accessory adorning the ear. A type of ear cuff, Kaanhas intricate gold designs and pearlstuddings to complete the traditional look.


Vaaki or bajubandh is an armlet of Marathi design. Carried from the tradition of maharajas of the south, it is still prevalentMaharashtrian traditional jewellery. The body is flat and woven in gold wire with a beautiful stone studded in the middle.


Again an ornament for the ear, a bugadi has pearl and diamond embellishment on it. You can get one in numerous designs even in North Indian tradition.

Pick your best jewellery of traditional Marathi style and complete it with a paithani saree and the typical inverted new-moon style bindi.