Elements of Handmade Soap Crafting Equipment

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Gathering the Necessities

Before you can embark on your handmade soap crafting journey, you should note that you will need supplies and equipment. Without at least the essential soap making equipment, you will find handmade soap making to be a very difficult task.

This article specifically focuses on some of the fundamental equipment of soap making. This equipment is everything that you will need for the wonderful craft of handmade soap creation. This article includes an in-depth explanation as to why you will be needing this equipment as well.

The Scale

Every tool kit of the beginner handmade soap crafter should have a properly functioning scale. The reasoning behind this statement is that all soap making ingredients need a weight measurement. This weighing system as opposed to a volume measurement system which will ultimately lead to inaccurate measurements.

Although handmade soap creation calls for accurate and precise weighing, most basic scales are sufficient. Therefore, this scale does not need to be extremely expensive. You can obtain a basic scale in the kitchen supplies aisle of applicable local stores.

The Thermometer

Concerning the mixing of your lye solution as well as your assortment of oils, you will most certainly need a thermometer. There is a very broad range of temperature levels to choose from on the scale when handmade soap crafting. Due to this, finding the right temperature is enough of challenge without having possession of an inadequate thermometer.

Temperature wise, there one major factor to consider when making handmade soap. This factor is that you must as carefully as possible read your soap recipe. Pay close attention to the temperatures in the recipe.

Incorrect heating temperatures will result in a waste of valuable time and resources. By not heeding the instructions, you could ruin your first handmade soap creating attempt. However, after a few attempts, perhaps you will feel comfortable enough to experiment with variables like temperature.

After gaining experience, most handmade soap crafters have their own preferred temperatures for their private recipe collection. Typically these temperatures run from 125°F, or otherwise known as 52°C, to mere room temperature. However, until you have gained enough experience, it is recommended that you stick to the basics and follow proper recipes.

The Immersion Blender

An immersion, or stick blender, will prevent you from having to spend hours hand blending your handmade soap. Immersion blenders reduce the time of mixing to just a few minutes. As a result, you can enjoy more exciting aspects of your handmade soap making an adventure.

You can purchase a simple immersion blender from most local stores in the kitchen supplies aisle. A cheap immersion blender will certainly accomplish the task of mixing your ingredients. However, if there are those of you who will decide you want to get more serious about handmade soap making. In this case, a more both powerful and durable immersion blender may be required.

The Measuring Containers

Lye is extremely toxic and corrosive in its unaltered state. Always have a small container and designated specifically to your lye. Also, make a point to label this container as well. This container should be kept out of the reach of children and animals. By practicing these methods, you are exercising proper safety while creating your handmade soaps with lye.

In handmade soap making, you should note that lye is capable of rapidly reaching a temperature of over 200°C or 93°F. Therefore, you should use a stainless steel container for your lye. Alternatively, you can use a both heavy-duty and heat safe plastic container. This container should have a #5 symbol nearby the bottom of it.

Glass containers are not recommended to hold your lye for handmade soap at all. This logic is due to the fact the glass will erode with the consistent lye usage. Eventually, it could result in an injury if the glass shatters or explodes.