Eight Different Men’s Shirt Models all men should have!

There are various men’s shirt models, this refers to the kind of shirt it is. Different occasions might call for different shirts models so it makes sense that there are 8 different models that all men should keep in their wardrobe. That is right eight! With the following ten types of men’s shirts, you will have everything you need for any situation and occasion that might arise. From business meetings to weddings, dates to appointments with the Queen, or going to a bar or dance club, one of these eight options would fit.

Dress Shirts

A dress shirt is something you wear with a tuxedo to a formal event, with a tie and jacket. It is a classic evening shirt that can be made from various fabrics but usually pique because the fabric can be held nice and crisp and can be starched. Styles can vary but traditionally there is a bib, the collar is pointed, wing or cutaway, there are double cuffs and it needs cuff-links.

Oxford Button-Down Shirts

A classic style of open-collared shirt that has been around for more than 120 years. It is a thicker style of shirt and edges towards more casual but it can be dressed up with a jacket or worn with a pair of jeans. Its versatility is why it should be in every man’s wardrobe.

Short Sleeved Shirts

When looking at shirts models do not forget the short sleeved shirt. Designers have pulled them back from just being associated with nightclubs, delivery drivers and travel salesmen. Great for summer and warm days they come in prints, patterns, stripes and various bold and pastel colors. They are very casual are worn hanging out which is why they are shorter than formal shirts.

Linen Shirts

The perfect summer shirt when you cannot wear short sleeves as it is light, and has great airflow. Wear it with shorts, chinos or jeans, keep the sleeves down or roll them up.

Office Shirts

White shirts typically but sometimes pastel colors too, the office shirt is a smooth and formal looking shirt worn for everyday work. It is not as stiff or as formal as a dress shirt but can be worn with or without a tie depending on how formal you need to be at work that day.

Flannel Shirts

These are a great winter shirt with a fabric that is thick for warmth but soft to wear. You can get plaid and plain types in various colors and can get them mid-weight or heavy. This mens shirt models are great on lumberjacks but also for other men too!

Chambray Shirts

Chambray is not denim, it is a lighter fabric as it has a plain weave, not a twill weave. If you like the look of denim but find actual denim shirts too much, this is a great alternative. They can look great and they are versatile. Just do not wear a shirt that looks too much like the jeans you are wearing, make sure the shade is at least different. Other than jeans you can wear it with chinos or even use it as part of a casual light suit.