Different ways to dress up your outfit with a watch

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Any man with a modicum of fashion sense knows that not all outfits and watches go together. The following tips will help you dress up your outfit with a luxury timepiece.

Formal or Not?

Gadget and sports watches are not fashionable choices for formal wear. Formal watch choices typically have a simple and elegant design such as a plain white dial and black or brown leather strap.

Although chronograph watches can act as dress watches, the most formal types will only display hours, minutes, seconds, and the date.

Stainless steel watches with or without gold accents present another option for a night out on the town. Shinola watches are available with leather bands and stainless-steel bands.

Less is More

When choosing a watch to make a fashion statement, the golden rule is less is more.

Watches with compasses and odometers are meant for those who need a functional watch, not a stylish one.

If there are additional features, they will blend in, not standout. Dials for dressy watches are not large either and are typically sized around 42mm. Any watches with oversized dials 50mm and above are intended for servicemen and pilots.

Play the Matching Game

The materials used to manufacture your watch can be matched to other outfit accessories. Potential options include:

  • Leather belts with leather bands
  • Leather shoes with leather bands
  • Brown leather accessories with brown leather bands
  • Black leather accessories with black leather bands
  • Black, gray, or blue colored shoes and belts with metallic bands

Reis Nichols Jewelers, with locations in Indiana, boasts a collection of luxury watch brands for men. Popular brand choices available include Rolex, Cartier, and Shinola watches.