Debbie Wingham Designed these Incredible $15.1 Million Shoes

Debbie Wingham debuts world's most expensive shoes | Daily Mail Online

In the fashion world, there are hardly any designers known for their glittery creations like the super cute Debbie Wingham. She started designing interesting pieces when she was only 13 years old. Today, she’s a beautiful mother of three, a renowned fashion designer, TV personality, and she’s even tried her hand in cake making and rocked that world as well.

Therefore, when you take a closer look at her extraordinary $15 million shoes and think they look like a sugary treat, you are correct. With a variety of multiple interests, she is reclassifying what extravagance implies. 

Debbie Wingham, who came up with these riduculously expensive shoes, is most popular for her stunning Red Abaya dress. This eye-catching $17 Million red dress has flower details with basic lines and a larger number of diamonds than the precious platinum. 

Debbie didn’t want to limit herself to only one field of the fashion industry. Rather, she is a specialist in knowing what the rich want, and delivers it. To create something out of the ordinary, Debbie Wingham is probably the best person you might want to call. If you can afford her services.

Her most outrageous creations include: the most expensive ‘Easter Gift’, and a mesmerizing cake that was molded after the shape of a UAE bride mannequin. The Easter creation is an aspect of her emu egg wallet collection. It comprises eight thousand diamonds along with Cartier earrings. Recently, she is contributing to the upcycle too. She has the ability as an advanced thinker and into the domain of a future-ready, creative person, and ecologically sound. 

The Future Sounds Nice

Upcycling is not the only way Debbie Wingham tries to transform the future. Besides being able to create the most expensive dark jewel outfit that has with over 50 different immaculate dark diamonds. Debbie is now switching her attention to take her craft to another level. 

She recently started the Future of Fashion Academy to train others to create and progress as an artist and as a fashionista. The primary aim is an innovative outlet and self-belief. She is helping the young designers in transforming their lives is another important project Debbie is paying attention to.

Fashion Week holds enormous importance among the fashion designers, and the trainees of FOF are gaining experiencing each day. The Academy is concentrating on students 7 to 16 years of age. Today, over 5000 students have created beautiful dresses and even rocked the runways of Fashion Weeks

To show off their capabilities and having the courage to stroll close to the supermodels and before the stars, that’s a huge plus. These are all the skills they need for support and encouragement for their future endeavors. Mingling with the most popular artists of the moment and powerful business individuals will help them  in the long run.

The Coolest Shoes

If you are planning to create the world’s most expensive pair of stilettos, they cannot look like an ordinary heel. The red pump and the black won’t make it a good combination. 

Simply have a look at Balenciaga’s newest sneakers or most of the outfits from the runways at any Fashion Week show.  Debbie Wingham knows exactly what some of the wealthy fashion lovers want, particularly in the UAE where design and money appear similar.