Can Buying More Save You More?

It’s a time-tested money-saving tip for big families. And it makes sense. When you have a lot of people needing milk, eggs, toilet paper, and shampoo, you’d better stock up and buy in bulk instead of buying individually wrapped items that cost more.

But does the same thing apply when you’re buying for yourself? Buying more can be a waste of money if you don’t do it the smart way.

Know How Much You Use

Long hair can be quite the consumer of shampoo and conditioners. If you’re planning to get a haircut that will significantly shorten your hair, it doesn’t make sense to buy several bottles of hair products at once. These do have an expiration date. Unopened bottles will last 3 years, while opened bottles last 1-2 years. If you’re not washing your hair daily and you have a shorter hair to use these products on, it’s probably best to buy two bottles and replenish as needed.

Where you can save when it comes to hair products, however, are bobby pins and hair ties. These do not expire, and they have a habit of disappearing on you when you need them most. Random trips to the convenience store to buy a few of them will cost you more than buying them in bulk and stashing a few pieces in each purse.

Buy Familiar Items

It would be a waste of money if you bought multiple packs of an item that you later find out you’re not compatible with. It’s not a big issue when you’re buying a facial cleanser online, as these are often safe enough for all skin types, but when it comes to foundations, moisturizers, and facial scrubs, the ingredients list can be a minefield of chemicals that might cause a negative reaction on your skin. When you’re buying new products, test one bottle first and observe your skin as you continue using it. You can even get samples of the product so that you don’t have to purchase it at all.

Then, once you’ve decided it works well for your skin, you can go with the bulk purchase. Take advantage of bundles and discounts so that your beauty products will not cost you an arm and a leg considering how long you’ll have the supplies for.

Buy from the Right Place


Prices vary per store, and buying from a particular shop can already give you substantial savings even if you just need one bottle. The savings mean so much more if you find a shop that offers the most competitive prices and allows for wholesale purchases. If it’s a personal purchase and you don’t need a dozen of the same product, you can still be content with the savings that the low-priced stores offer. For toothpaste and other hygiene products you don’t want to run out of, refreshing your stock from these stores offering low prices can be comparable to getting a couple of tubes free if you look at convenience store prices.

Who would say no to an opportunity to save money? However, it’s still important to consider how much you realistically consume and need to buy, as wasteful purchases mean money down the drain.