Best Flip Flops for Your Requirements

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Being fashionable in the summer is the will of most women and men. For them, the combinations of trunks, shorts and flip flops can be quite bold and stylish. Although little appreciated by some men, flip flops are pieces that can make all the difference in the beach look or in a stripped composition.

For those who do not give up comfort, it is possible to choose models of flip flops that, in addition to beautiful and versatile, also provide stability and well-being for the feet. In addition, this is a piece that is quite flexible with several styles of clothing, such as shorts, trunks, shirts, and even with pants more stripped.

Fool anyone who thinks that this footwear only fits well for outdoor locations such as beaches and pools. Much is seen today, super stylish and modern models, which are used in malls, bars, restaurants, etc. It is important to note that for these occasions, it is necessary to select a more casual model of flip flop, combining with a more elegant clothing, such as a shirt, a pair of shorts, etc. n the havaianas sale you can have the best deal.


Although it is a simple piece, we can find flip flops of countless models, prints, materials and styles. Here are the main models and which ones are best suited for each environment:

Flip flop

Summer flip flop

This is the simplest and most versatile model of flip flops for many years. Famous for brands like Havaianas, for example, its use is more applied on relaxed outdoor occasions such as beaches, for everyday use, swimming pools etc. However, currently, this model has been taking over streets and Brazilian nights. Its white version is the joker of this use a little more expanded.

Summer Flip flop What types and how to choose the right one for you aberbeach beachwear

It is common to see men in white flip flops, matching jeans or denim shorts and a stripped shirt, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, among other places. Depending on the style of each, it is possible to compose the look, with accessories such as men’s bracelets, chains, rings, among others.


This model, which is usually made of leather, is one of the most stylish and slightly more formal models of the range of flip flops. Usually, it has a strap on the heel that holds the entire length of the foot, leaving it firm for hiking. He has more style and can make more elaborate visuals, such as with social shirts, twill shorts, or also with more naked looks to give an “up” in the visual.

Slip On Sandal

This model is very fashionable, especially among the younger ones. Many artists have used this type of flip flop on several occasions. They are characteristic of a thick strip that surrounds the top of the feet. Formerly, this model was widely used, but has been refurbished and stylized for today. Brands such as Adidas and Nike, have their models Slip on well sold among men, usually in black color with white stripes.

Slip on goes well with any look, from the most stripped down to a more formal one. On the beach it combines a lot with shorts and swimwear, however, its format facilitates the entry and storage of sand on the feet.