Are Hoodies still in trend?

Hoodies are a piece of clothing that has been around for a long time. The common question among people these days is whether hoodies are still trending.

A simple answer to this question is that hoodies are always in trend. This comfortable piece of clothing along with leggings and sweatshirts or pants can never go wrong.

A few lines on the history on hoodies

Hooded clothing has been a piece of women and men wear for centuries. Hoodies are said to be originated in the year 1930s in the USA. The main reason why people started wearing hoodies and still do is to protect themselves from cold winters.

There was a time when hoodies were associated with isolation, athletics wore them to protect against dry and cold winters. Later angry young adults, runways, students, skaters, etc adopted this fashion. Today hoodies are more of cozy clothing than any statement. Hoodies are something people wear these days without giving much thought on fashion or need for style.

Tips on wearing hoodies

If you are someone who enjoys wearing hoodies in winter or just around any time then this article is definitely for you.

  1. The simplest way to wear a hoodie is to use it as a layer. When hoodies are used for layering it can be quiet appealing and comfortable at the same time. Layered hoodies work best when paired with a simple tee and well-fitting jeans.
  2. The next tip on wearing best hoodies fashionable is by picking a well fitted one. The best way to look good in want you wear is by choosing clothes that are well fitted and apt for your body type. Choose a hoodie that matches your measurement and body type.
  3. Hoodies can also be worn to get an athleisure look. Hoodies paired with joggers and the comfortable shoe gets heads turning.
  4. Hoodies or any other outfit for that matter that we used to get a casual look. A simple hoodie paired with fitted jeans and stylish shoe is the best of both worlds – Causal and formal.
  5. Lastly, hoodies can also be worn under a leather jacket. An outfit should bring out the personality of an individual; it is always ok to play with them as long as they complement you. Wearing hoodies under a leather or denim jacket creates a warm look.

What makes hoodies the best outfit?

  • Best Hoodies are cozy and comfortable to wear, which makes it the best outfit for winter. Being engulfed with a hoodie is like cuddling with a blanket on a cold winter.
  • Hoodies are versatile; they are available in so many types and can be paired with different pieces of clothing like jackets, jeans, joggers, sweatpants, etc.
  • Hoodies can be worn to create not just casual look, when paired rightly you can wear them to any given social occasion.
  • Hoodies are multi-functional making them the best piece of clothing to be own. They are perfect for all kinds of activities from attending classes to visiting a gym.


It is clear from this article that hoodies are not only trendy but comfortable to wear. Hoodies can be found in multi-colors, go for mute ones to keep it simple and effective. Some of the best hoodies are made of different fabrics, the common ones being cotton and cashmere. Invest in a quality hoodie to last long and give you the look that you desire.