All the Information Needed on Certain Subjects

ZULA is a website and YouTube channel currently for females or more specifically for Singaporean Millennials. It was started in early 2017 with the goal of being an inclusive community where Asian women can meet. The vision for ZULA has grown to be a goal of community where various Asian women and men will be able to meet and share ideas and experiences.



They produce content on fashion, lifestyle, perspective and beauty. They develop content offering others the knowledge to make choices that are informed. They have everything from relationship stories to content that features inspirational women from all walks of life.


Each month they have approximately 300,000 unique visitors, but 40% of their readers are men. ZULA hopes to eventually have a platform where both women and men can grow and learn from one another by having open discussions.

The Code of Ethics

The products for review are paid for by the site. Most of the time, they do accept media kits from those beauty companies as that is the only way to get a first look before the product being released to the public. They always state at the articles bottom if it was a review in partnership with a brand or undercover. But no matter what – they will:

  • Give reviews that are honest;
  • Give readers the best possible information;
  • Not slander or give criticism unfairly to any product in Singapore;
  • Not accept any monetary compensation for writing reviews that are positive.

Dressing for prom

Almost half the fun of prom is having a reason to get really dressed up together with your girlfriends. But everyone knows that squeezing with crowds can make shopping for the best dress a nightmare. In order to make browsing for a dress easy, this site has compile a listing of the most trustworthy stores online (local and international) with all vital information on schedules for delivery, fees for shipping and policies on returns just in case your outfit does not fit well.

Location for physical stores

They also include the physical locations of stores where you can try dresses before purchasing. Due to some unforeseen international shipping delays, they recommend purchasing from stores that are local especially if you need any outfit urgently.


If you are just turning 18 and have never gone clubbing before there is also information for Singaporean girls to have a safe night out. This is great information to have to be safe while going to parties.

For more of such issues, please check out Singapore female site Each other subject has interesting and important information as well.