A Complete Guide to Flaunting Your Brand New Sparkly Gown at Your Prom

Sparkly dresses have their own charm. The sequined silhouette indicates what a bold choice you have made. You can dazzle your way through the dance floor and catch people gasping at your fierce fashion statement. Above all, the glittery shine frees you from your basic self.

The accessories play a very important role in enhancing the style quotient of your whole outfit. If you wear a wrong pair of shoes, your effort can simply go in vain. Now you wouldn’t like to be a living fashion disaster at the most special event of your high school life, would you?

So, how do you keep up the equilibrium between fashion and accessories? Or, most importantly, choose the ideal glittery outfit for the prom? Deviating from the regular choices, think out of the box. Embrace something new and flaunt your exquisite personality through your attire. For this very reason, here’s a guide to give you all answers on how to look simply best with one of the sparkly prom dresses.  

Choose Black instead of Golden

When you think of something sparkly, golden shade would pop in your mind. If you want to be different, forget about clichéd golden and concentrate on black. Available in various sizes, long, short, and midi, you can find the one that suits you best. A one-shoulder dress keeps poise and attractiveness on the same page. Again, a long sleeved sparkly dress in the darkest shade gives you comfort along with confidence. But, going ‘over the top’ wouldn’t hurt a little bit since it’s your prom day! A deep plunging neckline featuring spaghetti straps and sexy side slit would be the ultimate way to add oomph-factor.

Shoes Complement Your Look

Metallic shades like copper, bronze, silver, and gold maintain the balance between dressy and elegance. It is also essential to remember that sequined dresses add a dramatic effect. So, instead of going with metallic pairs, you can try out velvet, transparent plastic, suede, or patterned leather.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of room to play with neutral colors only if you are choosing dual tone gowns. You can choose the secondary tone of your dress and repeat it for your shoes. This style adds the perfect amount of classy. In the end, if you just cannot decide what your gray, silver, or white gown would match with, pick up a pair of red shoes.

Outfit Ideas for Inspiring

Understanding how difficult it gets not to be jittery before dressing up for your cotillion, here are a few outfit ideas to keep in mind. If you love how gold sequins refract under the light, choose a bateau neck long evening gown with short sleeves. To add a flattering touch around your waist, you can tie a black belt. Now, for accessorizing like a pro, borrow your mom’s chic black purse (if it has a golden motif in the middle, it’s even better!). For shoes, a pair of black ballerinas can do justice to the whole outfit.

Another way to take your crush’s breath away is to keep the matters simple yet enchanting. It may sound antithetical but an off-white sparkly outfit is a great option. Choose a round neck sleeveless short dress that is flowy at the bottom. The flair will pay off when you are twirling around on the dance floor. To finish your look, a pair of cream colored plum shoes and a purse in the same shade would make a quite number.

If you are interested in dressing up with unembellished dresses, browse through the wide collection of simple prom dresses before the stock runs out.

Author Bio: Jenny Davis is a fashion blogger with rich knowledge of the latest prom fashion trends and several published articles on simple prom dresses. Here, she mentions how to dress up in the perfect way while checking out the sparkly prom dresses.