6 Custom Shirt Styling Hacks to Try for Your Company Picnic

Company get-togethers such as picnics sometimes require you to wear custom shirts specifically made for the event. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that except that for casual occasions, you probably want to wear a more fashionable ensemble.

But, having to wear a custom printed shirt for an event should not necessarily be a style downgrade. Think of it as an opportunity to get really creative. If the company you work for has no issue with you implementing unique styling tricks to personalize your company shirt, then go for it.

Need some inspiration? Here are six easy styling hacks to try.

1. Strapless dress

If the custom shirt is oversized and you do not really want to cut or sew to change its appearance, all you have to do is stretch the neckline a bit to make it fit around your chest area more, and then tuck the sleeves into the sleeve holes to create faux pockets.

Wear a denim jacket or denim vest over for a bit of modesty. And with this styling hack, you go from wearing a basic company shirt to a cute strapless dress.

Another styling trick for this instant strapless dress with your custom company T-shirt is to cinch the shirt around the waist using the sleeves. Crisscross the sleeves under the shirt and pull out through the holes to knot them in front of the shirt for a more figure-flattering fit.

2. Cut-out top

Cut-out shirts remain popular among young folks, and there are so many ways that you can go about achieving this youthful style.

If you do not want to cut too much, just focus on the collar or neckline of the shirt. Draw a scalene triangle from the center of the neckline to shoulders and cut with a pair of scissors for an edgier look.

3. Athleisure shirt

If the shirt is made of stretchy material, then you can make it look like a workout or athleisure tank top by tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot. This is an easy way to adjust the form of the shirt to show off your figure.

If the shirt is a little stiff, though, you can cut the shirt from the bottom center until the part that is parallel to your belly-button. Doing this will make knotting a lot easier.

4. Tie-dyed shirt

The psychedelic colors of the ‘70s are on trend again and you can play with dyes to give your shirt a more personalized look. You can tie-dye the whole shirt or just a small section of it.

Again, no sewing and cutting involved but you will need a little tie-dyeing kit (which you can get from hobby stores) for the job. You can also purchase a few packets of different colors of dye powders and thick rubber bands to create the design of your choice.

5. Distressed shirt

Shirts with runs and holes are hip and youthful. You can achieve this look for your company shirt by creating holes with a pair of scissors and scratching certain sections of the top with a fork.

A distressed shirt is great to wear on a hot picnic day because the holes and runs or laddering provide extra ‘ventilation.’

6. Wrap top

To create this new top with your custom company shirt, cut the front bottom of your shirt at the center and the sides. Crisscross the new flaps over your tummy to achieve the wrap look and tie the flaps on your back. Don’t forget to tuck the back of the shirt into your pants or skirt for a smooth silhouette.

Simple to fashionable in minutes!

See, you do not really have to do too much to give your company shirt a bit more personality. A few little tweaks will do the trick. Also, do not forget the power of pairing. A fun tulle skirt to pair with your shirt makes for a feminine yet comfortable style. Meanwhile, a plaid long-sleeved shirt tied around the waist of your shirt and jeans creates a ‘90s grunge vibe.

The important thing to remember here is when it comes to any regular T-shirt, the possibilities are endless. You can use the heck out of your company shirt beyond the picnic — it’s all up to you to explore the different options there are for styling it.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.