5 Essentials of Wardrobe to Be Well Dressed and Finally Stop Running Out of Style

The trends are passing, the style continues – that is your style. To grow in touch with your wardrobe, it is essential to become aware of what you are lacking and make the right choice of clothes to get dressed every day with pleasure. If this is not your case or if you feel that you need help, read this article. It will give you the keys to gain style through 5 essentials of wardrobe without breaking your wallet.

#1: A trench

This is a must-have that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The trench remains timeless, stylish and suitable for all silhouettes. Choose it preferably in a camel tone that will brighten your complexion, neither too long nor too short. If the model is well cut, it will be bent just right to fit your size and give you a good look. It is worn with both pants (jeans, chino, tailor pants) and both with short pieces (skirts and dresses). Do not forget the details that will make the difference: the belt, buttons and a nice quality lining.

#2: A pair of colorful pumps

What is better than to wear a nice pair of colorful pumps to make you want to conquer the world? Opt for models with heels, preferably between 5 and 8 cm for your comfort (if you like higher heels and you support them, indulge yourself of course). Color level, bright red, lemon yellow, peach-orange or nude. These peppy colors will dress your feet and give a touch of originality to your entire silhouette.

#3: A 7/8th jeans

The jeans 7/8e is a jean whose length stops above your ankle. It has the advantage of leaving your two ankles visible, which feminizes your look to give you a lot of style. A golden rule: always leave your shoes clearly visible, do not hide them under wide pants without form. A very interesting variant of jeans 7/8e: take it with a high waist. Whatever your body type, it will draw your size, help you make pretty hips and pretty buttocks; besides it will lengthen your legs and your figure.

#4: A pair of earrings

A pair of earrings can dress a face on its own and give you a special aura. Choose it preferably large enough to be noticed. For example, you can opt for colored creoles. A charm asset to test!

#5: A wrap dress

The wrap dress has the advantage of being suitable for all body types. With its pretty V-neckline, waistband and knee length, it lengthens your bust, marks your waist and shades your legs. It brings you elegance and femininity. In summer, do not hesitate to opt for a floral model for a touch of style for sure. You can check out great designers at Boutique Henriette L to help make the job easier.