5 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

A woman’s closet is never big enough, right? There’s always something new to add to your collection of bags, purses, scarves, dresses, jackets, coats and what-not. And let’s not forget about shoes.

However, even if you’re not someone who’s especially interested in following fashion trends, and you’re not addicted to constantly filling your closet with the latest clothing pieces, there are some accessories that you absolutely must have. Let’s have a look.

A Statement Necklace

You certainly already have some delicate necklaces that you can wear with anything. However, what you need besides is at least one statement necklace that will perfectly complete an elegant outfit. Be careful, though, when matching a statement necklace with your outfit. It should match your neckline, and you should never combine it with other pieces of jewelry.

Delicate Rings

Simple rings that you can wear with anything are just what every lady needs in her jewelry collection. Delicate bands are classic, but midi rings are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. They look wonderful, and even more interesting when combined with other delicate rings.

Gorgeous Pairs of Earrings

Yes, pairs – plural. You can’t have a single pair of earrings that you never take off if you want to look more fashionable and fun. There are too many types of earrings to choose from, so be sure to find those that best fit your style and personality. However, be sure to have both delicate and statement pairs at hand, so that your every single outfit can have its perfect match.

A Quality Watch

Wearing a quality watch will make you look more sophisticated, and it’ll help you always be on time. You should actually have at least two watches – a casual and an elegant one. That way, you’ll look awesome during the day, and you’ll look absolutely marvelous when wearing your elegant watch with a special occasion outfit.

Wonderful Hats

Again, plural. Every woman should sport at least several hats, each for a different occasion. Hats can perfectly accessorize every outfit, and they’re actually fun to wear. Fedoras seem to be the most popular these days, but what about special occasions, such as weddings, polo matches, and horse races? That’s where cocktail hats and derby hats come in, so be sure to add them to your collection.

All of these accessories will bring your closet – and your outfits – to a whole new level. Welcome them to your closet and say hello to the new you!