10 Simple Tricks to Apply Lipstick like A Pro

Lipstick is one of the excellent cosmetic product and go-to makeup. It changes one’s face look from drab to diva and also brightens up the smile. Whether it is MAC lipsticks, Nykaa or Maybelline It doubles up the benefits of lipstick when you apply Lipstick like a Pro. Applying Lipstick isn’t hard, anyone with a basic idea of wearing lipstick can use it efficiently. Applying lipstick like a pro will give you more defined lips and incredibly pretty look. Below are some tips that will help you not only apply lipstick like pros but also ensures you do not mess up with your lipstick.

  • Hydrate your lips

To get a flawless look wearing the lipstick, you should take care of your lips regularly to ensure there are no flaky patches on your lips. You can use lips scrub, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients to hydrate your lips. Repeating it twice a week will make your lip skin flawless, and you can apply any Matte lipsticks.

  • Go with bright shades

Bright shades are trendy and look’s incredibly flawless when chosen the right shade. So don’t be hesitant to go with bright lipstick shades. You can get a wide range of bright lipstick shades from top brands like Mac lipsticks. You can surely get the bright shade matching your skin tone.

  • You can also go with nude shades of Lipstick

Nude shades are also ultimate options for choosing the lipstick color. Nude colors are slightly deeper shade compared to your facial skin tone.

  • A lip liner isn’t mandatory

Using liner is not necessary. However, you need more defined symmetry, then lip liner can work best. Make sure you choose the liner color matching your lip color and not the lipstick color.

  • Why choose Matte lipstick

Matte lipsticks are in high fashion because they provide a long lasting and looks gorgeous. Try matte lipsticks from top brands like MAC lipsticks to get the super-matte finish and make a style statement.

  • Start from the Center and Work your ways outwards

When applying lipstick start applying from the center of the lips and blend out towards the corner. It will not only help you apply defined lipstick and reduces the error of over-application.

  • Blot

Blotting will ensure your lipstick to last longer, however, if you are using matte lipsticks, you don’t need to blot it. To Blot the lipstick first applies the finished look and then blot it with tissue. Swipe it on again and apply the second coat.